Together we share a common goal: to improve the patients’ health and their quality of life. Our mission is to help people do more, feel better and live longer.

We are changing the way we work with Healthcare Professionals and Public Health Professionals - to ensure that all our interactions with you are open, transparent and compliant.

We are committed to supporting the development of public health policy, as well as supporting medical education and public health initiatives in the focused disease areas.

This arms-length approach will minimise any risk of perception of bias, and ensure compliance with local legal and regulatory requirements, our values as well as business strategies.

This portal will help you to understand the disease areas that GSK China’s grants and donations are focusing on, the requirements for GSK China’s grants and donations projects and recipient organisation, and the application process.

Thanks for your interest.

GSK area of interest
Notes to applicant
Application process

Public poilcy/development

Corporate responsibility

GSK area of interest


chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Respiratory System

chronic hepatitis B


pulmonary artery hypertension

Rare Diseases

major depressive disorder

anxiety disorder


Parkinson’s disease

Central Nervous System

cervical carcinoma


hepatitis B


epidemic meningitis



acquired immune deficiency syndrome


Notes to applicant

  1. The 3rd party funded by GSK must be legally established institutions and organizations, not individuals or hospitals.

  2. Please ensure that the grant or donation request is supported with valid and legitimate purpose, which can be linked to GSK strategy (i.e. areas of interest in the home page), and is free of direct commercial bias.

  3. Design of project underlying the grant or donation is clear to demonstrate detailed activities which are mapped to itemized budget. No entertainment or recreational expenditures should be included. For public institution under NHFPC, no management fee or staff salary is allowed.

  4. If the application is a medical education program, it must be approved by NHFPC. Needs assessment is comprehensive, evidence-based, and scientifically accurate, and educational/quality/professional practice gaps have been clearly identified, and are assessed as L3 or above by GSK.

  5. Grant or donation request from GSK does not exceed 25% cap towards total revenue received in a calendar year, except for the cases of rare diseases patient groups or start-up patient groups which can accept up to 50% of total revenue.

  6. Your organization can provide legitimate grant invoices or receipts.

  7. Your organization accepts GSK's assessment right over grants, including the right of access to financial books. This may involve your organization being interviewed and providing supporting documents regarding usage of GSK funds, including supporting documents retained by sub-recipients. Your organization accepts GSK's right to assess the status and compliance of historical contract performance by the 3rd party if it has received GSK grants previously. GSK will keep all the information obtained confidential.

  8. Your organization agrees to provide supporting documents and periodic reports to GSK business owners in relation to the fund utilization associated with progress of underlying activities during the course of project, including notifying GSK any significant change of nature/scope oramount of itemized budget on an ad-hoc basis for continuous assessment of expenditures' relevancy to grant purpose.

  9. Your organization has or is willing to establish policies to define scope, standard and authorization of fund utilization, especially regarding the transfer of value to HCP and GO.

Application process

Step 1: Please read the 'Notes to applicant' above, and ensure that your organization meets requirements of application.

Step 2: Please click the registration button at the top right of this portal and submit formal written request after login.

Step 3: GSK business owner (assigned) will contact you for preliminary evaluation after submission. This step will be omitted, if the request has been preliminarily evaluated before submission by you and GSK personnel, and your organization is considered as qualified.

Step 4: When qualification confirmed, GSK business owner will communicate with you face to face and collect more supporting information of the grant or donation for further assessment.

Step 5: GSK Grants and Donations Committee (GDC) reviews the request and assessment, then makes a decision of approval or rejection.

Step 6: If the grant or donation is approved, an agreement will be signed between your organization and GSK.

Step 7: GSK pays in accordance with the agreement.

Step 8: GSK business owner ensures project monitoring and review of your organization's use of the grant or donation when deem necessary.